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Chicago - The Musical

Chicago, Capital Theatre Sydney

Posted on 18 Oct, 2023
Chicago - The Musical

The first time I saw Chicago on stage, I had no idea what it was about.  Nor did I realise that my senses were about to be blown away by music and dance that would take my breath away.  

The story is one of crime covered by deception and justice swayed by public influence and the not so subtle manipulation of the legal system.  Rivalry between two starlets as they climb to the heights of success is danced and sung with gusto as they indeed use each other and turn on each other - whenever it suits them.  Introduce into the story, the "legal" assistance they have to get them off the hook, the characters that have the "you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours" motto in life and you have an entwined storyline where crimes are reduced, overlooked and dwindled all because of manipulation.  

The dancing is amazing.  I never knew that humans could move so fast.  The music is scintillating, seductive, sorrowful and growly at times.  With well known hits, it is a fantastic experience.  Our coach and show packages are the best priced from our region.  Matinee shows enable us to have a great day out without late night travel or overnight accommodation in Sydney.  We are also able to organise groups from retirement villages and social seniors groups, so if you are a social organiser, feel free to get in touch for the best priced, all inclusive packages for your group.