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Morning Teas on Tour

Posted on 05 Oct, 2023
Morning Teas on Tour

DDT – Divas Day Tours!  Yes, we love a road trip here and there.  What is a road trip though without the good ole morning tea stop.  Most of our days of travelling include a morning tea break.  It is a good opportunity for us all to stretch our legs, have a tea or coffee to rejuvenate and to meet and greet some that perhaps we haven’t met yet.

Being country kind of people, we sometimes have home cooked cakes, biscuits and perhaps some other treats as well.  When we are serving up hot drinks, we have it down to a fine art.  All it takes is a little co-operation from everyone and it is quick, efficient and safe.  Our request is that people line up in one direction at the table.  Help yourself to tea, coffee, sugar etc, but please leave the spoons and don’t mix them up.  We then pour your hot water for you as well as add milk if you wish and we give it a stir for you.  Then help yourself to a treat.  Once everyone has their chosen Beveridge and have chosen their treat, please feel free to have seconds.  This ensures that people don’t miss out on anything.

At our morning tea spots, we plan as best we can.  We ensure that there are toilet facilities nearby.  At times there is minimal seating, sometimes there is ample seating available.  A lot of people don’t mind the opportunity to stretch their legs and have a walk, which is great for the mind and body.  If you venture, please don’t venture too far away – be back at the coach ready to board when due.  

Quality Services for DDT

Travelling in a group can make some destinations and activities a bit more affordable for us all.  Divas Day Tours put these discounts to good use.  We pass them onto our passengers which eases the finances at times.  But we also don’t forfeit quality for price.  An example of this is our tours that include accommodation.  Our suppliers are tried, tested and true to their service levels and quality.  We have even been surprised by some suppliers with exceptional services.  It is our pleasure seeing passengers loving their “home for the night”.  Meals are usually on site where we are staying.  Each morning we will be given a menu from which to choose our dinner for that night.  These are sent ahead and “Voila” – our dinners magically appear just for each of us.  When we visit local regions, quite often we hire a local guide.  This gives us a great local insight to our sightseeing.